Calling all future filmmakers (Ages 10-15). The Northern Ontario Film Academy cannot wait to welcome you to one of our one or two week Film Camp sessions hosted at Camp Davern and Camp Can-Aqua respectively. Each year we work to develop uniquely film production based skills for our kids to learn. Our instructors teach within a variety of disciplines tailored to creative kids who are passionate about film and performance. NOFA Campers benefit from the residential camp lifestyle but with a special focus on film-specific programming.

Campers will dedicate 3 periods each day to Film and Production Sessions. A fourth elective period will ensure they have the opportunity to be outdoors and engage with other campers and cabin mates outside of NOFA.


Our program offers a variety of unique and exciting hands-on sessions including:

  • Acting

  • Scripting

  • Photography

  • Lighting 


  • Cinematography

  • Directing

  • SFX Makeup

  • One Traditional Camp Elective



In addition to a well-rounded knowledge of independent filmmaking, each camper  will return home with a:

  • A self directed short film

  • Multiple shorts as a crew member

  • Footage for their own Demo Reel

  • Headshots

  • & more!