Calling all future filmmakers (Ages 10-15). The Northern Ontario Film Academy cannot wait to welcome you to one of our week-long Film Camp sessions hosted at Camp Can-Aqua. Each year we work on developing new styles and skills for our kids to learn. Offering a variety of programs for creative kids who are passionate about film and performance, NOFA Campers benefit from the residential camp lifestyle but with a special focus on film-specific programming.

Campers will dedicate 3 periods each day to Film and Production Sessions. A fourth elective period will ensure they have the opportunity to be outdoors and engage with other campers and cabin mates outside of NOFA.


Our program offers a variety of unique and exciting hands-on sessions including:

  • Acting

  • Scripting

  • Photography

  • Lighting 


  • Cinematography

  • Editing

  • SFX Makeup

  • One Traditional Camp Elective



In addition to a well-rounded knowledge of independent filmmaking, each camper  will go home with a:

  • Short Film

  • Acting reel

  • Elements for a Demo Reel

  • Headshots

  • & more!

14-Day: August 9-21 2020
$2295 + Tax  (includes accomodations & meals)
7-Day: August 9-15 2020
Our office is open weekdays 10-5. If you have any further questions regarding our program, don't hesitate to contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!
T: (613)339-2969
F: (613)339-3207
E: info@canaqua.ca
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2020 Registration now open!
 (Upon registration, choose the session you'd like under specialty camps - see below) 
$1350 + Tax  (includes accomodations & meals)